Volunteer with the Disability Caucus

You can volunteer with the Disability Caucus of the Iowa Democratic Party. We work as activists across the state of Iowa to advocate for individuals in the disabled community, encourage individuals to join the Democratic Party, and further Democratic causes.

img_0823Be an Activist

As a group, we participate in events and Central Committees at every level of the Party and around the State.  Our activism does not end there; you will see us at the State House protesting or lobbying for need change, speaking up at rallies, and providing necessary education in round table discussions and Listening Posts.  We we are active on social media, on the phones, in the streets, door knocking, working on virtual phone banks, organizing caucuses and conventions, ensuring accessibility and being election officials.  These are just a few ways to be involved in the Disability Caucus.  Come join us and see what a difference you can make! Request to be on our mailing list or to join our Facebook group.


All-Star Volunteers

Check back soon to meet our first all-star!